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Re: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

Arun wrote:
> 	I'm beginning to suspect that my A/C suffers from a combination
> 	of problems.  It seems to operate in three distinct modes:
[stuff deleted]

>From your description, it seems like the servo motor that controls the
the mixer valve is the culprit. But again, Bentley is your best bet.
> 	One of these days, I'll buy the Bentley manual and fix the infernal
> 	(literally!) thing ...

PAP has a summer special sale going on until Aug 31. One of the items on
sale is the 84-88 5000 Bentley manual set for $115 (I think). Regular price is
around $150. Be fore-warned that if you've owned factory service manuals
for other cars, Bentley just won't measure up to them. But the two volume set
is indispensable for certain information that other manuals don't have.
If you do most of the work on the car yourself, the cost of the manuals
will be recovered in saved repair costs very quickly.