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Re: Upgrading sound systems

>>Some of us are not into locally produced sounds (tape or CD) but would
>>rather be able to get decent radio reception.  Living and traveling in what,
>>at best, could be called a fringe area, I get absolutely lousy FM reception.
>>The culprit is, I believe, that abysmally poor antenna which is part of the
>Good luck in West Virginia -- the culprit is far more than you poor antenna 
>(Its the mountains!!)

I also live in a fringe area and have tried to find a decent solution for 
years. My biggest problem though is not signal strength, but "multipath" 
that is same signal bounces from different directions with slightly 
different timming. (ruins the stereo imaging) Early on I tries an amplified 
Fuba antenna in my early Jetta with no "percieved" difference in reception. 
I believe Fuba makes most of the antenna's for VW and Audi.  My second 
attempt was installing my sons Sony CD player (CDX5260) in the 4000CSQ. This 
did make a little difference. I Will be returning that deck to him soon and 
have been considering the newer Sonys which claim more FM sensitvity 8dbf vs 
12 or one of the Pioneer supertuner IV units. 

And there is always just one more station . . .

Bruce Bell