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Re: Upgrading sound systems

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> >> "Robert (Bob) Myers" writes:
> Does anyone have a suggestion as to how this poor recption could be improved?
> (Preferably without drilling holes in sheet metal and the resulting rust
> potential.)
> << :
> I just saw '93+ 90S in Boston with telescoping antenna mounted on left
> quarter of the trunk. It couldn't be a factory installed antenna. Too
> bad when I saw the car, it was parked. Otherwise I would ask the driver
> what kinda of improvement he/she gets by using the add-on antenna.
> Lexus, Infinity, and Mercedes still have the telescoping antenna for
> their new cars, so I assume this type of antenna is still the best. 

All the '94 Audis have a telescoping antenna in addition to the one in
the windscreen.  My '92 has the front and rear window antennae with
dual diversity.  (Incidentally, the radio is made by Blaupunkt).  This
setup works at least as well as the Beckers in my two Mercedes ever did
in terms of fringe reception, and better in strong-signal areas (e.g.
Philadelphia).  It is also far superior to that of my brother's former
Acuras, which had incredibly lousy radios made by Pioneer and mast

Therefore, I would not expect a large improvement from converting one
of the antennae to a mast.  I think the primary reason for Audi going
to the mast is one of improved perception, not reception.

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