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RE: 20V head upgrade

>Dave Lawson, didn't you get to drive Scotts car (or at least get to take
>a look at it) at one of the club events?

Al Solaroli outside of Toronto built Scott Davis' 20V turbo engine using his 
85 TQC block and a 20V head from a sport quattro(or some derivative). Orig 
cost was something like US$12k to cross the border from canada. He then had 
to get it installed, which John Bekius did. This iteration had a 20V turbo 
engine using the stock TQC CIS injection with modified computer running 
around 20-25 lbs of boost. I got a ride with Scott in this configuration and 
the car was VERY fast.

This past winter the car went under another upgrade. The head was pulled and 
the compression ratio was measured to be around 5:1! No wonder he was able 
to run upwards of 20 lbs of boost. In its current state, it still has the 
very low CR, is using a programmable Emtech fuel/ignition computer system, 
has a very thick NASCAR radiator(the A/C system was pulled to make room for 
the radiator and lighten the car up) and numerous other modifications.

glen writes,
>Yes, they offer an optional "lighter" flywheel for an additional $1,000 US.
>I passed on that one too.....

Last I heard Al was still offering these. Ned at Intended Accel also has a 
lightweighted flywheel.

Walter writes,
>Where do you get one?  Does it fit in a 4000q? How much does it cost?

A while ago there was a 20V turbo engine sitting at Shokan for around $9K 
and AAA Small Car World had a 20V normal aspirated engine for around$3K from 
a new style coupe quattro.

I've heard that Ned at IA bought a 20V turbo engine and is planning to 
install it in a 4000 quattro. He is looking for a white 4000Q with 
leather(probably to match his 5000 TQ with a 20V turbo installed).

>From AudiWatch Update (Tm) # 41 8-10-94
>DNF   Kemp/4000 Quattro Turbo no-time
glen, have you seen this car at any of the rallies you have attended? Is it 
really a 4000 with a turbo engine in it?

Bruce, chime in here with what you know.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com