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RE: New head, results

>I think I might want to replace/upgrade the radiator first though. I
>vaguely remember a thread a while back on radiators, mostly on plastic
>connections breaking, but also on getting beefier cores (more capacity/
>rows) in the main radiator. [One of the drawbacks of instrumenting your
>engine is that you can see what it is doing, and worry about it. It's
>amazing to watch the water temp jump 20degrees in just five seconds of
>high-boost/power highway running -- 11psi boost at 4,000 to 5,000 for

I see the same thing happen to my oil temp although the response is a little 
slower. It does stabilize though. The highest temps do come while running 
hard at the track.
Haven't got a water temp gauge hooked up yet.

>S4 radiator fit an '83 UrQ? Are there any aftermarket high-performance
>radiators available? What would it cost to have one "custom made" with,
>say, 50% greater heat rejection capability? How about just buying one
>of those "little" auxilliary radiators? (Given that the UrQ actually

Like Dan said give John Bekius a call, he has designed an oversized radiator 
which is being used in an 85 TQC with the 20V turbo engine. Not sure if it 
will fit with the A/C stuff located in front of the radiator.

Oh robert, what are sport valve springs?
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com