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New head, results

   Most of the Pro-Rally Quattros I've seen use custom-built radiators with
   2x to 3x thickness vs stock, typically mounted in the stock location,
   often of lightweight alloy. About $300 for copper and $500 for alloy.

That sounds like less than Audi would want for a "stock" unit . . .

But I *NEED* the A/C to keep working too! So, who does this sort of
custom work (other than John Bekius/Sport Wheels)? Anyone in the Eastern
Mass area? Is this the sort of thing that "any competent radiator shop"
can do, or is there deep dark black magic embedded in Audi cooling sys-
tems (they do everything else "differently", so why not the radiators
as well...I mean, somehow, I would not be surprised to find that they
had used the galvanic effect of two dissimilar metals in the cooling
system to bias the computer's temperature sensor! Or used the coolant
as an electrolyte to the same effect!)?

   Glad to hear the car is back together again.


   Keep up the good work!

Groan, I'm trying . . .