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More Voltage, Igor, More Voltage!

   |Having just (more or less) finished a substantial wire revamping in
   |my UrQ, I thought I'd share the results with ya.

   I went one better.  On my 87 Golf GTI I installed auxillary high-beams 
   (Hella 160) and clear fog lamps (Hella ???).  I intended to use 100w bulbs 
   in the aux high beams so I wired it strong.  I used a small addon fuse box I 
   got out of a Rabbit, wired it right to the battery+ with about 1 ft of very 
   heavy wire (#8 ?) .  On it are one 25A relay, for the fogs (55w+55w) and one 
   40A relay, for the aux hbs, each with it's own fuse.  The whole thing is 
   enclosed in a heavy duty plastic back.

Yeah, one major reason I opted for the "inside" placement of the relay,
relying on Audi's wiring for the actual lights (with concommitant lose
of voltage!) was to avoid the hassle of shielding the relay/contacts from
salt/etc. (Another reason was the sheer inaccessibility of some of the
stuff -- like the alternator output [aka "battery connection"].)