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New head, results

   Oh robert, what are sport valve springs?

Catch-all name I improvised... stonger-than-stock springs to allow
[later] use of more radical cam. For all I know, I "got took" and
the stock Audi valve springs won't ever have any float problems with
any cam I am likely to stick in; on the other hand, the cost of the
springs was insignificant (< $100/complete set??) compared to the rest
of the head/valves/porting, and being the sort of person I am ("Any-
thing worth doing is worth doing to excess"), I sprang for the springs,
so to speak. (And the cost of in fact having inadequate valve springs
and encountering valve float -- read "piston contact" -- with some
future trick/hi-rise cam is something I don't want to even THINK about!)

As with the port/polish job itself, the stronger springs are certainly
overkill for a stock engine/cam. But as long as the head was already
apart, it was easy to do...and leaves open future options to play with
myself, er, I mean play with "tuning" the engine.