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More Voltage - Commets

   Also I would like, before I depart this world, to talk to
   the German engineer(s) that designed the alternater mounting

Personally, I see talk as useless. Now some nice 115g JHPs at about 1300fps
might get through to them . . .  [How Incredibly Politically InCorrect of

   system for this car and lack of accessibility thereof!  I honestly don't
   know what they were thinking of!  Maybe the whole car is built
   up around the alternater? Sigh!

Nah, the alternator, along with the turbo, intercooler, exhaust manifold,
intake air filter housing, and front subframe comprise one of those inter-
locking Chinese puzzles - everything holds everything else in place (which
of course has the side effect that access to anything is blocked by every-
thing else). My greatest fear is I'll accidently pull on the wrong wire
or hose and *SPROING* the whole shebang will disassemble itself on my
front yard!