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CD Player for 90S

The thread on upgrading sound in 4000s reminds me of the problem of
adding a CD transport in 90S. Unlike the 100, which is equipped with
the CD-transport-ready Tape Deck, the tape deck in the 90s is a
straight tape deck. The only thing I can do to play CDs in that
car is to buy portable CD player that has the cassette interface.

In VW, the tape deck has CD input jack, can't believe Audi didn't
even give us that option.

Does anybody has a clever solution/workaround to this problem. The
easy way is to replace the tape deck itself, but I was wondering if
maybe there is RCA input connectors in the back. I don't have the
right tools nor the procedure to pull the tape deck out. Additionally,
major modification on the stereo system will void the warranty.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.