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Re: CD Player for 90S

>Does anybody has a clever solution/workaround to this problem. The
>easy way is to replace the tape deck itself, but I was wondering if
>maybe there is RCA input connectors in the back. I don't have the
>right tools nor the procedure to pull the tape deck out. Additionally,
>major modification on the stereo system will void the warranty.
>Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Try one of the CD Changer combos which use an RF converter to insert the
sound into your stock head unit.  Rec.audio.car seems to think that they're
a good solution in cases where you definitely don't want to Upgrade the
factory system. They're probably not good enough for a real audiophile
system, but for most people they're fine.  Obviously they're only going to
be as good as your current head unit and speakers.  A good idea though is
to look for one which allows both the RF hookup and a direct to head unit
hookup.  That way if yo decude to upgrade later on you can...

The RF converter just goes inline with the Antenna lead - check the trunk
and you might find that there's a Junction right near the antenna.
Otherwise you hook it up near the head unit.  To play discs you tune the
receiver to the RF converter's frequency (usually low in the FM band - 88.1
or so) and use the changer's remote control to select disk/track.

Good luck...

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