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Re: CD Player for 90S

Hairy green toads from Mars made Travis Dixon say:

> >Does anybody has a clever solution/workaround to this problem. The
> >easy way is to replace the tape deck itself, but I was wondering if
> >maybe there is RCA input connectors in the back. I don't have the
> >right tools nor the procedure to pull the tape deck out. Additionally,
> >major modification on the stereo system will void the warranty.
> >
> >Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.
> >
> >Andreas
> Try one of the CD Changer combos which use an RF converter to insert the
> sound into your stock head unit.  Rec.audio.car seems to think that they're
> a good solution in cases where you definitely don't want to Upgrade the
> factory system. They're probably not good enough for a real audiophile
> system, but for most people they're fine.  Obviously they're only going to
> be as good as your current head unit and speakers.

That's the key. My tape deck finally died in the 100Q, so I pulled
it. I got a great deal on a removable Kenwood high-powered CD player,
and it is 250% better. It is *awesome*, even through the stock speakers.
All for $250 + $40 installation....


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