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replacing control arm bushing and struts

>I got the same problem, but the dealer I brought it to says the front
>strusts are OK... car is a 1986 4000CS, .... does your steering wheel
>shakes???  how do you know it needs replacing??? :)

Struts on my car needs to be replaced because right strut is leaking, and
its knocking when hit the bump. 

When I push accelarator real hard, steering wheel moves left if I don't hold 
it. If I hold the steering wheel, the car will pull right. Vice versa if I drop 
the accelarator pedal. This makes me believe that control arm bushings aren't
good. I'm still gathering information regarding this problem, so
if somebody have seen similar problem, please let me know.

My steering wheel doesn't shake. If yours does, it may be wheel balance,
bad tires, or front suspension problem. In front suspension its usually bad 
outer tie rods. Four wheel alignment may help also and usually, when mechanic
does an alignment he will tell you if anything wrong with suspension. 

> planning to do it yourself???

Not sure yet, but respond I've got from this list looks encouraging.