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Re: Upgrading sound in 4000/5000

Last fall, I upgraded my 5000's sound system.  The stock tape deck
had failed to play tapes.  So, I went shopping!  I had a friend who had
a pair of 10" subs connected to a 75watt Harmon-Kardon amp and crossovers
from the amp to the other speakers.  So, I varied the theme in my car.

I have a Sony XR-U660 removable face head unit which contains a tape deck
and CD changer controls.  It drives the front door/dash speakers.  The
line outs (rear) feed a 50 watt Proton amp which drives a pair of
Rockford/Fosgate 10" woofers.  I let the woofers roll off (no crossover).
I put crossovers on the stock speakers in the rear deck and rear
doors.  I cut holes in the rear deck for the woofers.  And (although it
pained me much), replaced the rear parcel shelf with some foam and carpet.
It actually looks nice, but I can't put parcels on (now, a future project is
to make a nice shelf with some masonite).  Since I had cut two 10" holes in
the deck, I thought I'd re-enforce it.  I found a piece of oak flooring laying
in my parents' garage, so I screwed it to the bottom of the deck.  The
piece of oak was about 2"x.75" and as wide as the deck.  This was also a
good place to hang a CD changer, which I did.  I have the Sony CD-U330.

I must say, that I have not finished, but it sounds pretty good and gets
fairly loud.  It is loud enough that I turn it down in the summer when the
windows are down and I am around the city.  I don't want to seem the idiot
by blaring my music all over creation!  In the future, I want to put some
small enclosures over the stock rear speakers, so that the woofers will
not use them as passive radiators.  BTW, I also covered all those 1" holes
in the rear deck with pieces of plywood and silicone sealant.  At some point,
I might also replace some of the factory drivers with something better.

Sorry this wasn't about the 4000, but us 5000 drivers need somthing to talk
about too!


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