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Re: Upgrading sound in 4000

i had a pretty reasonable sound upgrade to my ex-4000q... i used
same-size boston acoustics at the front.. they are so-so at best..
mostly they are "filler" speakers to fill in mid range sound.. these
were powered directly by the tape deck,  a nakamichi removable.  

i had 6 X 9 Acoustic Research AR-1's at the back.. these are plate
speakers and stuck out about an inch from the parcel shelf.. these
delivered most of the sound quality and were powered by an ADS amp
mounted in the trunk.

not killer by any stretch, but no surgery of any kind was required to
fit everything in and it sounded much much better than stock.  cost
under $1k, including installation labor.

i put black tape over the AR logo so there were no clearly visible
signs that the car had any kind of upgraded stereo and indeed never
had a problem with it getting stolen.. the car didn't have an alarm