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anyone tried boge pro gas on 100/200/5000/v8?

my front shocks are shot after less than 40K miles.  several people,
including the chief mechanic at the dealer tells me that a stiffer
shock up front will be good for a nose heavy car like the v8.  i tend
to agree.  

it seems that the only gas charged shock stiffer than stock that is
available for these cars is the boge progas.

i was wondering if anybody have these installed in their cars and if
so how well they work.

availability also seems to be extremely limited so if anybody knows
a good source, i'd appreciate the info..

i've called RD Enterprises, Wolf Sport, Rapid Parts and New Dimensions,

only New Dimensions have them and they want a pretty steep $91 for each
front one.  the others either don't sell them at all (i.e. cannot even
special order it) or have it backordered till October... :( 

i will go on working the phones and keep people informed, if anybody's