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Re: anyone tried boge pro gas on 100/200/5000/v8?

Someone here at DEC on the list (not me or Michael Moy or Bill Samaras)
has them on his 5000/100Q. I think it was an '88 5000Q. He bought
a set of the Koni adjustables, then found out that the Boge Pro Gas
would fit if he drilled an extra mounting hole. I bought the Konis off
him pretty cheap.

I've used the Pro Gas myself on my old Golf, and highly recommend
them. They are just stiff enough to give good handling and manage
the front end, without sacrificing too much ride quality. A vast
improvement over the Bilsteins.

If I'd known about that hole, I'd have gotten them for my '89 100Q.

BTW, $91 each for fronts is not that bad a price. I would have paid
about $400 for all four corners for a 100. They were about $275 for
my Golf in 1989 or so.


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