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Re: Request for testers

> What I *am* looking for is some folks to try out a gopher server
> I have set up on swiss.ans.net.  This will probably be temporary,
> although I may try to leave it up.  Nothing much on there
> but I did stick on a couple of jpgs of my favorite actress and
> singer, and also some quattro files such as the last 2 archives,
> the parts list and mechanics list.
> gopher swiss.ans.net 70
> or gopher://swiss.ans.net

I just happened to have mosaic up, so I tried it.

I got the main gopher menu, but all three items were listed
as "access deniedor file does not exist". It was trying to
connect to coimbra.ans.net for the sub-headings. Perhaps
this machine is locked? Should they all be swiss.ans.net?

Anyway, keep trying; I think it's a good idea. Perhaps we
could put the roster up, with hyper-links to peoples' home
pages at work? I just put my home page up. Not much in it
yet, but it's there (http://www.zk3.dec.com/~duane).


Andrew L. Duane (JOT-7)			duane@zk3.dec.com
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Nashua, NH    03062-2698

Only my cat shares my opinions, and she eats mice instead of clicking them.