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Request for testers

Yeah, I'm from Audi and looking for drivers to test the
new Audi S8.  Sure. :)

What I *am* looking for is some folks to try out a gopher server
I have set up on swiss.ans.net.  This will probably be temporary,
although I may try to leave it up.  Nothing much on there
but I did stick on a couple of jpgs of my favorite actress and
singer, and also some quattro files such as the last 2 archives,
the parts list and mechanics list.

If you are a gopher or mosaic user and have a couple of minutes 
to try it out I'd appreciate it.

gopher swiss.ans.net 70

or gopher://swiss.ans.net

Let me know if you see any problems.  I'll be watching connections,
so no need to let me know you tried it unless there is a problem or
you'd like to make a specific comment.


| Dan |
Dan Simoes			          dans@ans.net
Associate Programmer		         (914) 789-5378
Advanced Network & Services               Elmsford, NY