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'83 A/C ,flaps,,microswitches....... R-12?

   Your quotation about using a mixture of 75%-25% ISOPROPANE and Butane has
   gotta be wrong.  They ain't no sech animal as isopropane.  Could the substance
   isobutane to some extent).  Now, when you get right down to it, the hazard
   with a bit of mixed butanes as part of a cooling system probably won't be
   a whole lot worse than a full 21 gallon tank of 93 octane gasoline (that's
   petrol to our UK friends :-)).  However, you can probably bet the ranch that
   our Safety people will NOT give their approval for such usage. :-(

Well, for two obvious differences, gasoline (engine fuel) is not piped
through the passenger compartment . . . and does not instantly vaporize
when "released" ("leaked").

Doea [iso]butane have an obvious odor? Or, as with natural gas, is an of-
fensive odorant added to make its presence obvious?