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Re: '83 A/C ,flaps,,microswitches....... R-12?

Isobutane has an odor which I would call rather mild.  Somewhat like
gasoline but not as strong.  You could get an idea of what it smells like
by sniffing the jet of gas from your pocket lighter (no flames - go easy,
after all, I don't wannabe accused of promoting illicit usage of these
materials.)  Suggested technique: capture a small amount of gas sorta in
the palm of your hand and waft it gently toward your nose.  (Waft?  Yeah,
sure, everybody speaks like that.  :-))

I think I would probably recognize the odor but it won't be really strong
and might be missed by many people unless the concentration gets quite high.
You are right, the usage as a refrigeration gas in an enclosed automobile 
be rather hazardous under certain circumstances.  The amounts involved won't
be nearly as great as you would find in your gas tank but the location, 
basically in the passenger compartment, would tend to make the smaller amount
potentially quite bothersome.
Thanks for keeping me on the right path, Bob. (Houk)

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