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misc to robert & list

Robert -
	In a previous post, you mentioned an occasional leaning out 
problem which you blamed on bad grounding.  What were the specifics of
the problem, and what did you do to alleviate it?  Was the problem due
to low voltage to the  fuel pump?
	I'm curious because I had a similar problem in my Ur, but it was
due to power, not ground.  There was a single wire (around 10 gauge or so)
that was supposed to feed the fuel pump, power windows, and a few other
high current items.  This wire was CRIMPED to a spade connector with a 
plastic shroud around it, which in turn plugged into another crimped
connector of the opposite sex.  Well, what happened over the years was
the high current demands of the fuel pump and other associated items
produced a voltage drop across the relatively high resistance of the
F*****G crimp (this is not to say that there should have been a higher
gauge wire used in the first place, but I digress...), which heated it up 
some, which in turn caused the crimped connection to oxidize more, which
made it even a higher resistance, which heated it up even more, which....
Well, you can guess the rest - by the time I discovered the problem, the 
conection had gotten so hot it had burned the plastic shroud!
	The solution was to run another wire in parallel with the original
10 gauge and SOLDER it along with the original to the connector.  This has
helped my lean-out problem a great deal, but I'll occasionly get a stumble
at high boost on a cold night.  This is why I wanna know what problems you
had with ground.  I was thinking of putting a relay under the seat near the
battery, and using the standard fuel pump voltage to activate the primary
of the relay - I've heard of others doing this.

	About radiators: I believe John Bekius at Sport Wheels, in 
cooperation with Scott Davis, designed a heavy duty radiator for Scott's
20V motor.  Give him a call at 303-945-2708.
                                                    Dan Bocek