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Re: misc to robert & list

Dan Bocek sez:
>                         .  There was a single wire (around 10 gauge or so)
> that was supposed to feed the fuel pump, power windows, and a few other
> high current items.  This wire was CRIMPED to a spade connector with a 
> plastic shroud around it, which in turn plugged into another crimped
> connector of the opposite sex.

This is pretty standard German practice, and it really SUCKS!  I think
it is a side effect of the DIN standards for automotive wiring.

BTW, the terminal code numbers which Robert mentioned can be decoded
by way of a set of tables in the Bosch _Automotive Handbook_ (a really
terrific book, available through Bentley -- I can't over-recomend
it!).  Actually, the coding system is very handy once you learn it;
many, if not most, connectors are identified with their function by
means of a code number; the code number is stamped right on the
connector, and is standardized.  Also, once you get the hang of it,
the wiring diagrams and related stuff are easy to read.  But there is
a learning curve...and it does require the translation table (which is
too long to type in, otherwise I'd offer!).

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