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Re: misc to robert & list

Alan Cordeiro sez:

> [I originally said:]
> This is pretty standard German practice, and it really SUCKS!  I think
> it is a side effect of the DIN standards for automotive wiring.
> Crimp connections, if done correctly ( by machine ) are just as good as
> solder connections. At our factory we have from time to time investigated
> their performance, and they are very reliable, and have almost no voltage
> drop.

Yes, I have no complaint about crimped connections; I meant to refer
to the German practice of a single +12 bus wire (#30 in DIN parlance),
often implemented as a string of varying guage wires, with the
smallest of the bunch way too small for the load.  The American
practice of multiple busses protected by fusible links is certainly
superior, IMHO.

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