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Re: misc to robert & list

Just wanted to add my $0.02


Dan Bocek sez:
>                         .  There was a single wire (around 10 gauge or so)
> that was supposed to feed the fuel pump, power windows, and a few other
> high current items.  This wire was CRIMPED to a spade connector with a 
> plastic shroud around it, which in turn plugged into another crimped
> connector of the opposite sex.

This is pretty standard German practice, and it really SUCKS!  I think
it is a side effect of the DIN standards for automotive wiring.

Crimp connections, if done correctly ( by machine ) are just as good as
solder connections. At our factory we have from time to time investigated
their performance, and they are very reliable, and have almost no voltage
Try and take a good crimped joint and cut it off in the middle of the
crimp, and you will see what I mean. It looks like solid copped all 
This technique is used not only by AUDI/VW but by all other auto 
manufacturers and other electrical equipment manufacturers.

I would recommend using a fusible link ( you can get them in 40 Amps )
instead of a fuse. At high currents, the voltage drop is lower, and they
do not deteriorate over time ( i.e. slowly increasing voltage drop ) 
like some of the fuses used in VAGs.

Alan Cordeiro