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Re: misc to robert & list

	   Hmmm, I had a similar problem in my Ur, but in my case, the voltage
   was RISING, not falling.  I was on a long haul driving from San Francisco
	   About an hour later, just when I was thinking that it was all a
   figment of my imagination, the lights all of a sudden got really bright 
   again.  A-hah!  This time I was gonna be clever!  For some reason I decided
   to see what would happen if I pushed in the clutch and revved the engine
   to 5 grand or so.....POOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was instantly plungend into 
   complete darkness as every single bulb filament in that car vaporized 

Oh Boy! Isn't sudden darkness a real adrenaline rush when driving along!
Even better than NoDoze!

   to stay at for the night.  It turned out that the voltage regulator (which
   pushes into contacts on the back of the alternator) was making
   intermittant/dubious contact with the contacts on the alternator - so

Yeah, "wiggling" that connection is on my list of things to check, next
time the car's on a lift...

   impossible to take out!  When am I gonna run outa problems to fix on that
   car?  I keep telling myself that once everything that can break breaks, and
   I fix each thing myself, that someday I'll have a RELIABLE, awesome car
   on my hands.  So far, I see no end in sight....SIGH :-(

Boy do I *KNOW* that feeling. I keep telling myself that just isn't much
left that I haven't fixed/replaced ... 'cept the transmission (which doesn't
even bear thinking about!)...

Yeah, it's pretty bad when one looks back on the days of my Lotus Europa
as a nice reliable dependable awesome sports car . . . live and learn, I