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Re: misc to robert & list

> While looking at new cars (my current is 3 years old, yikes!) I drove
> the new Mercedes S-class.  I couldn't help thinking I'd be making a 
> lot more trips to the dealer to have little things fixed than I have
> with my 100S (zero trips).  I made quite a few pilgrimages with the
> two 190s I owned, and one of my friends has too with his 1990 300SL.

Hi John,

Looking over your automotive history, it would seem to appear that you
may be be suffering from a shortage of vitamin P.  This could prove
serious is left untreated too long.  I suggest you try a little 
"Zuffenhausen Therapy", say, oh, er, ummm, I suggest that a nice Cabriolet
in the the handy 993 size would be just about right...  ;-)

Bart Chambers

Feline Varmints Spike & Felix
'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Guards Red
'87 Syncro, Alpine white (stealth Quattro)