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Re: misc to robert & list

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Fri Aug 19 08:28:08 1994
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> From: glen@mass.smc.com (Glen Powell)
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> I'll second the supporter of properly done crimp connectors. A correctly
> done crimp connector will resist failure due to vibration much better
> vs a soldered connection.

Soldered connections can actually insert more resistance than crimped
ones as solder is not as good a conductor as copper.  And, like crimped
connections, all soldered connections are not created equal either.

Many of the connectors in a Mercedes are soldered rather than crimped,
and connections are normally made with phosphor-bronze pin connectors.
But these are not bulletproof either: I had an A/C problem in my 1985
Benz caused by improper lead dress--the force on the wire bent the
pin socket resulting in an intermittent connection.

>From what I have seen, the quality of connections and connectors used
in the new Audis is a world apart from that used in the old, and lead
dress is exemplary.  Because of this, I've experienced zero connector
problems so far in three Audis, quite a contrast to my experience with
other cars.

While looking at new cars (my current is 3 years old, yikes!) I drove
the new Mercedes S-class.  I couldn't help thinking I'd be making a 
lot more trips to the dealer to have little things fixed than I have
with my 100S (zero trips).  I made quite a few pilgrimages with the
two 190s I owned, and one of my friends has too with his 1990 300SL.

John Greenstreet, Senior Engineer           (jgreenst@motown.ge.com)
Martin Marietta Government Electronic Systems    Moorestown NJ 08057
WPI Class of '75, Temple Class of '94

My new car history:
1972     1975       1978      1982       1986        1989      1992
 VW  ->   VW    ->  Audi  ->  Audi  -> Mercedes -> Mercedes -> Audi
SBug   Scirocco   Fox GTI     4000S    190E 2.3    190E 2.6    100CS

POSSLQ's* new car history:
         1978       1981       1985      1988        1990      1993
       Triumph ->  Toyota ->  Toyota  ->  VW    ->   Audi   -> Audi
       Spitfire    Tercel     Corolla   Jetta GL      80       90S

*POSSLQ = Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters
Note: All Audis and Mercedes above were sold to friends or family.