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Re: 82 Coupe GT

> From: healey@chester.lerc.nasa.gov (jim healey)

> As I understand it, some people found the pedals more
> closely spaced than their domestic vehicles and launched
> their cars all the while believing they were on the brake.
> I've heard that driving school instructors run across this behavior
> now and again in pupils who freeze up when something goes 
> wrong.

The pedals were offset to the left relatively more than in most
American cars (relative to the steering column), so if you stabbed
blindly at the brake you might get the gas.  The new 100s actually
overcompensate for this in the other direction: when my father tried
to drive my 100CS, he ended up pressing on the brake instead of the
gas pedal!

> Audi may have done something superficial at the time to
> calm the owners, but no engineering problem was found
> (to the best of my knowledge) that needed to be corrected.

Correct, it was never found to be a problem with the car as 60 minutes
had led viewers to believe.  But the cars were recalled to install an
interlocking device.  This interlock between the brake pedal and shift
lever is now standard in virtually all imported cars.

Interestingly, the suit against Audi was related to loss in resale
value, not accidents.  If this happened today, they would know to go
after 60 minutes and not Audi!

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