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Rosenbluth, et al (was Re: 82 Coupe GT)

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Thu Aug 25 16:39:33 1994
> From: pgotseff@me.pdx.edu (Peter Gotseff)

> <Derek Gibson wrote>:
> >    
> > According to Motor Magazine  the runaway Audi shown on 60 Minutes was 
> > modified by consulting engineer Rosenbluth using an external hydraulic 
> > pump that applied pressure to the auto tranny valve body.
> > 
> Well then could someone please explain to me how pressurizing the 
> transmission would directly affect the throttle position in 
> a 5000?  We're still talking KE-Jet here right? This isn't
> completely obvious to me...anyone care to explain?

As I recall, on 60 minutes, they barely got the car to move.  This
could have been done by jury-rigging the idle stablizer valve and
pressurizing the first-gear clutch on the tranny.  Sure, it's a
stretch, but this was no problem for the majority of
technically-ignorant Americans.

I work almost exclusively with engineers and it was incredible how many
would fight to the teeth defending 60 Minutes.  Many stated that it was
due to the ABS, even though none of those cars were so equipped.
Others just insisted that "Well, there had to be SOMETHING wrong".

But it is rare to hear about UA after the GM Pickup debacle.  If anyone
does bring it up, I just inform them that in her police report, Kristi
Bradowski stated that she pressed on the gas instead of the brake.  That
pretty much sliences them.

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