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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #42

AudiWatch Update (Tm) # 42 8-19-94

Audi in the news


  Opel has abandoned plans to build its O-car, the secret entry-level model
at the very center of the long-running Ignacio Lopez espionage scandal.
  Opel contends Lopez stole documents and drwaings relating to the ultra-
compact and ultra-affordable car when the Spainard moved to VW early last year.
  Russelsheim insiders say Opel boss David Herman decided to scrap plans for
the car after police seized a large quantity of O-car documents and drawings
in a VW-owned house in Germany.....

  The continuing accusations leveled at VW by Opel have failed to dampen VW's
enthusiasm to push ahead with plans to produce the flamboyant Concept 1.
  Latest word out of VW's Wolfsburg HQ is that Ferdinand Piech has asked the
German giant's Munich design studio to present ideas for a production version
of the Concept 1 in coupe and cabriolet forms.

Audis in competition


Rancho Cordova (used/new/rebuilt/aftermarket)
AUDI/VW 1-800-688-AUDI.....916-631-7280

Marren MotorSports fuel injector cleaning, blueprinting & balancing
data sheets & upgrades avail 203-732-4565    CT

Audis of interest for sale/wanted

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 83, black/black, Intended Acceleration, Buffum, very quick,
120k mi, $9k, 617-489-6548/bfr 10pm MA     AW   8-8

AUDI 200 TURBO QUATTRO, 91, 20V, 21k mi, warr til 3/95, prinstine, Blue/Gray,
phone, CD, $24k firm, 503-644-8600 OR    AW     8-8

AUDI V8, rare 5-spd, Black/Gray, 43k mi, V fast, flawless, 4 new Mich,
full maint, fact. warr, $29.5k Pvt. 215-233-5720 PA     AW    8-8

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 83, blue/tan leather, 5,400 miles, new paint, brakes
& chip, $12,500/OBO 201-358-9065 NJ      AW 7-11

AUDI COUPE QUATTRO 20V, 90, silver/gray leather, perf cond, 26k miles,
fanat maint, MIM 16" whls w/P700Zs, $19.2k/OBO, Mike 407-487-0552 FL  AW 7-11

AUDI 90 QUATTRO, 91, lago blue/gray leather, orig own, warr, 4 snow tires,
perf, $17,500/OBO, 402-453-7973 NE      AW 7-11

AUDI QUATTRO SPORT, 85, sht whl base, grp B rally car, EPA/DOT,
914-234-1229/eve NY    AW 7-11

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 84, very rare, Tornado red/beige, ex cond, 72k mi,
$15,000/OBO 410-734-6913 MD     AW 7-11

WANTED: 91 200 QUATTRO, MA/NH area, call Glen at: 508-691-1248 or
Email: glen@mass.smc.com

Vorsprung durch Technik,