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Re: AudiWatch Update (Tm) #42

> Audis of interest for sale/wanted
> ---------------------------------

saw the following for sale at the dealer's here.

AUDI 200 TURBO QUATTRO, 91, 20V, 43k mi,  tornado red/tan
has the funky front discs replacement job.. 

email me if you are interested and i'll go check up the price.. looks
to be in great shape.  unfortunately the owner did not do the H4

anybody saw the RS2 (315bhp) wagon at the hungarian GP?  it was one
of the safety/official vehicles.

i also saw an ad in autoweek for a 1990 turbo quattro coupe.. under
the race car section..  now in 1990, these cars had torsen, ABS
and the stupendous 20 valve turbo engine.