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Re: Ur Quattro's

> Are they relaible? (as in can they be used as daily drivers?)

No Way!

> Just how expensive (I already have a small idea!) are they to run?


> What years were they brought into the states?

'83 thru '85
> What should I look for?

Bodies tend to rust a bit at the door sills.  Try to get one from a sate
with no snow.  Barring that, try for a state that doesn't use salt on
the roads to melt the snow.  (Like Colorado - they supposedly use sand.)

If you're at all interested in re-selling it at a later date, try to get
one with as much of the original parts as possible.  You should check
out the Dec. '93 issue if Euoropean Car Magazine for a more in-depth
look on the subject of Ur-quattros.  If you don't have access to the
magazine, I can send/fax you a copy of the article.

> How much am I going to spend?

Between 6k for a sh***y '83 upwards to 20k for a low mileage '84 in good
> And lastly anyone know of any for sale?

Check the AudiWatch(tm) posting in today's mail.  Autoweek also has one
or two advertised in their classifieds every now and then.  Another good
source are the listings in the quattro quarterly - a publication which
comes out once a quarter by the quattro club.
                                                    Dan Bocek