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Re: Need a great Audi machine shop

> I'm in need of having the cam journals in my '89 200TQ redone.
> Oil contammination has scored them (some slightly, some real bad) and I'm
> looking to either
> weld/align bore them or bore and bearing insert them.
> Anyone have any recomendations on a high quality VW/Audi 
> machine shop that could handle this.

Funny you should mention this.  I just had some of the same kind of work
done on my TQC.  There's a shop in Washington State that specializes in
this type of repair.  They heliarc weld some aluminum blobs over the
damaged area and then re-machine the welds.  They say that when they're
done, you can't tell it's ever been worked on.  I haven't got my head
back yet, but when I do I'll let you know how it turned out along with a
phone number (it's at home, sorry).
                                                    Dan Bocek