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Re: tire/shock for audi 90...

> Its time to bite the bullet and replace the tires and shock on my 88, Audi
> 90.

I have the same car (for now anyway).
> Tires:
> I have stock rims (non quattro) and the stock tires are 195/60/14.
> I would like to go to a little wider tire possibly  205/60/14.  Just
> called tire rack and this option is not listed on their data base.
> Was wondering if anyone knows whether this is possible.

I think you'd be happy with 195/60s, but it is probably possible 
to go up a size (205/50s?)
> Shocks:
> I am thinking on replacing the shock with red Konis.  I would like
> to take some of the "floatyness" out of the ride.  Has anyone tried
> this??

Based on other recommendations I've seen, try either the Boge
Turbo Gas or Pro Gas, the Pros being stiffer.  It's something
I'd like to do one day if I keep the car.

> ps:  Similar to others I had the intermittent engine check lite.
> Called the dealer and as Zafar pointed out, they also said that this
> could be due to carbon build up inside the cylinder.  They strongly
> advised AGAINST Shell gas which is what I use all the time and
> suggested cheveron unleaded and running thru their gas additive
> (techlo...).  Last weekend I removed the plug and the only thing I
> could see thru the hole was black gunk.  They may be right..... 

I haven't seen this yet (77k).  WHAT is the deal with gas?  I've
heard bad things about Shell, Mobil and many others.  I like 
Mobil for its pay at the pump convenience in most places, but I
try to get Amoco if it's on sale and/or I have time and/or can 
find a station nearby.  I've been trying Shell every now and
then too...  As long as you avoid 'Julio's US Gas' I would 
think you'd be fine [no ethnic slur intended!]
Anyone have some hard facts?
| Dan |

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