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tire/shock for audi 90...

Its time to bite the bullet and replace the tires and shock on my 88, Audi


     I have stock rims (non quattro) and the stock tires are 195/60/14.
     I would like to go to a little wider tire possibly  205/60/14.  Just
     called tire rack and this option is not listed on their data base.
     Was wondering if anyone knows whether this is possible.


     I am thinking on replacing the shock with red Konis.  I would like
     to take some of the "floatyness" out of the ride.  Has anyone tried

Thanks a lot...


ps:  Similar to others I had the intermittent engine check lite problem.
     Called the dealer and as Zafar pointed out, they also said that this
     could be due to carbon build up inside the cylinder.  They strongly
     advised AGAINST Shell gas which is what I use all the time and
     suggested cheveron unleaded and running thru their gas additive
     (techlo...).  Last weekend I removed the plug and the only thing I
     could see thru the hole was black gunk.  They may be right.....