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Re: tire/shock for audi 90...

> From: David Bokaie <David_Bokaie@NeTpower.com> 
> Tires:
>      I have stock rims (non quattro) and the stock tires are 195/60/14.
>      I would like to go to a little wider tire possibly  205/60/14.  Just
>      called tire rack and this option is not listed on their data base.
>      Was wondering if anyone knows whether this is possible.

Done that, 205/60/14 work very well.  They are a little taller though.
On our 84 4000Q it actually helps since its geared so low.  Its also nice
to have the extra width and it protects the alloys from curbs as well.
> Shocks:
>      I am thinking on replacing the shock with red Konis.  I would like
>      to take some of the "floatyness" out of the ride.  Has anyone tried
>      this??

Done that too, just a couple of months ago.  Great street shock cause
you get a nice ride but not what I consider a "sport" shock.   Like
if you do a lot of hard driving or wanna AutoX IMO its a compromise.
Hello body roll!

If you don't care about keeping the car stock for rules in AutoXing
then they would probably work real well with some aftermarket anti-sway
bars.  That way you can minimize body roll but still be comfy going
down the freeway.  

For AutoXing you can't add a rear anti-sway bar so you need to
compensate with more dampening via stiffer shocks to help reduce body
roll.  Bilstein sports, or Koni's adjusted to a stiffer setting 
can accomplish this fairly well.

Anyone know if Suspension Techniques makes bars for Quattros?

Carl DeSousa