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Re: tire/shock for audi 90...

> Done that, 205/60/14 work very well.  They are a little taller though.
> On our 84 4000Q it actually helps since its geared so low.  Its also nice
> to have the extra width and it protects the alloys from curbs as well.

Does the 4000Q uses the same rim as 88, 90??  I do understand that
there will be %2 mileage error but that is OK.

> Done that too, just a couple of months ago.  Great street shock cause
> you get a nice ride but not what I consider a "sport" shock.   Like
> if you do a lot of hard driving or wanna AutoX IMO its a compromise.
> Hello body roll!

My objective is to firm up a ride a little.  I have no plans for AutoX.   A 
comparable to a 325 (BMW) will be fine with me.  What I hate about audi
ride is at low speed maneuvering (parking lot) it feels that it want to trip 
itself.  Generally the high speed ride is pretty good except that if you hit 
bump at 80+ it feels that the car lifts and it make one feel very 
This may be partially due to my worn shocks but I think some of it is due to 

the whole suspension setup.

Thanks for the all the response...