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Re: tire/shock for audi 90...

Thanks a lot for the all the  responses.

On the tires I see a discrepancy that some think that there is no problem 
some think that it will not fit.  Originally I had planned to buy mail order 
but if I
can get the local tire shop to give me a competitive price on tire I will 
let him
do this and if it does not fit, he can try the smaller 195 size tire.  After 
I sort
thru this I will let you guys know.

On the shock, it seem that the consensus is to go with Boge Gas shocks
which I am inclined to take as they are about ~$100 cheaper.  Thanks...


Ps:  I have purchased couple of misc stuff from Carlsen  Audi and it appears
"Linda" discount is worth about 25%.  As mentioned by another netter, their
original price is a little higher than other places but with the discount it 
is tough to