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Boost problems, redux.

The Saga of the Increased Boost continues.

Call me McGyver.  Duct tape can fix almost anything.  Well, temporarily patch,
if not fully repair.  A computer chip upgrade along with a stiffer wastegate
spring gave me a *bunch* more boost and an absolutely exhilarating ( :-)^20 )
ride in my '89 200TQ, that is, until I blew the end off my turbo intercooler.
:-(  Foolishly, I had my local Audi dealer replace the blown intercooler before
I had an opportunity to see the damage.  Repairing the old one would have
taken about 20 minutes with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.  Oh well,
$600 quoted from the dealer, about $380 from Linda at Carlsen Audi. :-(
Once again, after reinforcing the new intercooler with a long(!) hose clamp,
a great ride. :-)  What the heck, it's only money.

This last week my engine began running roughly :-( both at idle and at high
boost.  Also it developed a tendency to stall after a short run at highway
speed and then a sudden stop at a light.  It was difficult to start at
these times.  :-( :-(  It was doing fairly well in the midrange region.  

Time for a tune-up?  This afternoon the weather was such that I was willing 
to have the windows open on my way home from work and I heard a major air
leak when at so-so high boost.  Aha!  A leaky hose on the high pressure side of
the turbo.  Sure enough, the hose from the turbo to the intercooler has a
crescent shaped split about 1.25 inches long on the bottom side of the hose.
Of course, the leaky spot is on the absolute bottom side of the hose and can't
be seen from above.  Use your feeler gauges (fingers) to find it.

A new one is ordered from Linda.  Two minutes to remove the two hose clamps
and the hose.  About five minutes applying several thicknesses of duct tape
over the hole and around the entire hose and another two minutes or so
reinstalling the hose and I have a car which is running more or less properly
again.  :-)  When the new hose comes in on Monday it will be installed in
place of the patched one.

My recommendation?  If you want to increase the boost on your turbo system,
go for it but be aware that there are potential problems.  Also, should your
intercooler blow, fix it, don't replace it.  It is a relatively easy DIY job.
Aging rubber is not as resilient as it once was.  Be prepared to replace/repair
hoses, etc., also consider spending a couple of bucks to reinforce the
intercooler *before* it blows.  Boy, when it's running right there is a *BIG*

The moral?  Pick one of the following or invent your own.  1.  Keep some duct
tape handy?  2.  Don't jump to conclusions?  3.  Don't get *too* carried away
with increasing your boost?  4.  Give a good listen before you reach a
conclusion?  5.  Keep Linda's number handy?  :-)

BTW the new roster will be ready about next Tuesday.  Send your entries by
Monday if you want them included in this issue.

Happy motoring.

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