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Re: Re[2]: RE71s - any experience?

> Granted Yok's are good but they have this nasty little problem of the tread
> cap seperating from the carcass.  These tires are mad just like retreads.
> Check out the Yok's that are on the local autocrosser's cars, you will see
> what I talking about.  Because of this problem you will notice that very few
> big rear drive cars use them.

There is a lot the local Corvette club uses for autocross at a technical
college south of Saint Paul a ways.  On two occasions my cousin has been
involved in tire failures there.  The first was in a 4000 Quattro he was
sharing with 2 other drivers.  They just wore the tires to the cords in
the most frightening way.

The second was in his own Quantum Syncro. The R-compound Yokos he was using
did rip sections of the tread cap off the tire.  I have not personally
seen this happen on any other car (and several of the local big rear drive
cars use them) but it is easy to believe that it has happened.

I have autocrossed on Yokos, but my cars were light ones, Midget and
Europa.  I am unlikely to autocross my Syncro unless it is seriously
raining, and it will be on the Dunlops it came to me wearing.

BTW, I can't imagine an autocrosser drooling over Yokohama AVS Intermediates.
Any of the A008R family of Yokos will blow them away on asphalt or concrete.