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Re: Re[2]: RE71s - any experience?

>What's all the hoopla on the RE-71'a and the Comp T/A's ???
>I went through two sets of Yokohama AVS Intermediates on my old Scirocco
>I got about 35K + miles out of each set.  They were unbelieveable in the
>and stuck like glue in the dry.  The autocrosser that I fianlly sold the car
>drooled when he saw the tires that were coming with the car.

Granted Yok's are good but they have this nasty little problem of the tread
cap seperating from the carcass.  These tires are mad just like retreads.
Check out the Yok's that are on the local autocrosser's cars, you will see
what I talking about.  Because of this problem you will notice that very few
big rear drive cars use them.

The RE-71's and comp T/A's on the other hand are moulded as on piece. This
reduces the internal tire temp due to shearing friction making the tire last
longer and also more responsive.

Just my $.02

Eric Fletcher