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Brake Fluid for Audis

To the List:

I'm planning to change the brake fluid on my Coupe Q.  In the past, I've had 
excellent results with Castrol LMA (DOT 4) Brake fluid.  Any recommendations ?

Also, when I start the car, the "brake" light stays on for usually more than a 
minute until I step on the brake pedal.  My mechanic Marek @ Biella Corp in 
Sudbury, said that I have a slow fluid leak on the low pressure power steering 
hose. I realize that on this car the steering and brakes share the same 
hydraulic pump. Is this something that I could easily repair myself ?  Or 
should I allow Marek to deal with this.

Thanks for the assistance.

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Q -20V