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Re: Brake Fluid for Audis

>I'm planning to change the brake fluid on my Coupe Q.  In the past, I've had
>excellent results with Castrol LMA (DOT 4) Brake fluid.  Any recommendations ?

I've had it in my car for the last year and a half and am happy with it.  It 
seems to be a good value, too.

>I have a slow fluid leak on the low pressure power steering
>hose. I realize that on this car the steering and brakes share the same
>hydraulic pump. 

As I understand it, there are actually two separate pumps in the one housing.

>Is this something that I could easily repair myself ? 

It should be an easy job.  Make sure that you have new washers for the 
fittings, as it is impossible in my experience to stop the leaks you will get 
if you re-use the old ones.

86 5000S