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Re: Anti-lock brakes

> The anti-lock brake light in my '86 5000 Turbo seems to intermittently "turn 
> on."  It usually happens within about ten minutes of start-up, not all of 
> the time, and never right at start-up.  I can easily re-engage the system 
> (or turn of the Anti-lock off light off) by pressing the anti-lock button.  
> After checking a few easy things without satisfaction, I took the problem to 
> my local (Chicago) Audi dealership for a fix.  
> After the dealership checked the car, their technician informed me he could 
> find no problem after several test drives, and it would cost me $120 to have 
> them put the anti-lock system on the diagnostic computer, which might or 

OUCH!! Sounds a bit high to me. Even here, in CANADIAN $$$ (which are worth
about $0.72 US), my local VW/Audi/Porche service garage (NOT factory dealer!)
tells me it costs $75.00 for the ABS diagnostic (that's about $55.00 to you)

Have you checked the ABS sensors at each wheel. One of them could be
intermittently faulty...

Good luck,

1987 5000 TQ

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