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Anti-lock brakes

The anti-lock brake light in my '86 5000 Turbo seems to intermittently "turn 
on."  It usually happens within about ten minutes of start-up, not all of 
the time, and never right at start-up.  I can easily re-engage the system 
(or turn of the Anti-lock off light off) by pressing the anti-lock button.  
After checking a few easy things without satisfaction, I took the problem to 
my local (Chicago) Audi dealership for a fix.  

After the dealership checked the car, their technician informed me he could 
find no problem after several test drives, and it would cost me $120 to have 
them put the anti-lock system on the diagnostic computer, which might or 
might not find the problem.  I told him no thanks, and I currently deal with 
the problem (my wife drives this car) by depressing the anti-lock button 
whenever I notice the indicator light.  

Now I can see why so many Quattro-list subscribers choose to do work on 
their own.  However, with so many auto systems moving from mechanical to 
electrical, how does one hope to work on their own car in the future without 
expensive diagnostic computers and tools?  In any case, thanks to all the 
people who write and respond here--even if I choose not to do repair and 
maintenance by myself, this forum is a great "sanity check" for dealership 
repairs, and a great source of information for enthusiasts!
1986 Audi 5000 T
1987 Audi 5000 TQ