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Battery Cable and Hydraulic Fluid

I have an '87 5000 which has a couple of problems:

1) When I have the A/C on high, the voltage going from my alternator
to the battery drops below 12V. I talked to a mechanic and he mentioned
that there was a crimp in the battery cable by the passenger's feet just
inside the firewall which can come loose and significantly drop the
voltage to the battery. I am getting good voltage at the starter and 
alternator so there is a drop somewhere between the starter and the
battery...Is this a common problem and has anybody heard of it and/or
some common fixes for it.

2) I'm going through ~1 can of Pentosin per month in my power steering
rack...Is there any other option for slowing down the leak than replacing
the whole rack?


Bob Shemo
87 Audi 5000S -- I only regret the purchase when the repair bills come in.