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Intermittent Speedo Problem

In response to Tony Lee's note yesterday about intermittent speedometer
operation, I looked up the pertinent service bulletins.  Audi claims the
problem can affect the '89 - '91 100 and 200 models, but production 
changes improved the problem for late '90 and all '91 models.  The
service bulletins are:

Group 90, Number 91-02, Date 3/29/91
  (Good instructions and assembly drawing of all instrument cluster boards.)

Group 90, Number 89-T02, Date 9/89
  (Poor instructions and no assembly drawing but excellent drawing of
   affected circuit board.)

The dealer will say that the '91 service bulletin obsoletes the earlier one,
but I think the picture of the circuit board on the earlier drawing is
more useful.

Hope this is useful.

Mike Rottenborn