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A/C controller on the blink

	Alas, my A/C woes never seem to disappear completely.  I did little
	more than locate the vent flap actuator last weekend, and the air
	conditioning started to work perfectly for the first time since I
	bought the car ('85 5000ST).  I was still not through congratulating
	myself on my serendipity when the OFF, AUTO, WARMER, OUTSIDE TEMP, and
	both defrost buttons suddenly stopped responding (no indicator light,
	no nothing).  A/C still works fine (luckily the temperature is
	set at a tolerable 65 F), but I can only use ECON, HI and LO.

	Anyone seen this behavior before?  If so, I'd appreciate pointers.

	I'm off to der Vaterland tomorrow: hope to see some unusual cars and
	maybe even rent something fun.  (And yes, the D&W catalog for you,