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Re: 82 Coupe GT

On Aug 24,  3:06pm, jim healey wrote:
> Subject: Re: 82 Coupe GT
> >
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> >Got an 82 Coupe GT and have been told by people to check if the car was
> >recalled for sudden acceleration.   Does anybody here know if it was?
> Audi may have done something superficial at the time to
> calm the owners, but no engineering problem was found
> (to the best of my knowledge) that needed to be corrected.
> good luck with your car
> jim h
>-- End of excerpt from jim healey

	The unintended acceleration scare is also almost single-handedly
	responsible for the great deals on used Audi's.  That's one thing
	*I'm* not complaining about -- though I'm sure a lot of netters aren't
	too happy about it!

	The class-action suit was filed only with regard to the 5000 line, and
	only those with automatics. They retro-fitted shift locks on all
	the affected cars: my '85 5000ST has it, along with a warning sticker
	about pressing the brake pedal before shifting to "drive" or "reverse".